Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh is one of the outstanding artists in present day Hindustani Classical Music. He is gifted with a rich and melodious voice, and demonstrates exquisite command on rhythm, originality, clarity of diction, and versatility, thereby mesmerizing audiences across the globe. In addition to Hindustani Classical music, he also performs Bhajan, Bengali Semi-Classical, Nazrul GeetiRabindra Sangeet, and Shyama Sangeetwith equal competence.

As a vocalist, Sandip’s distinction lies in his detailed and intricate alaaps with an emotive rendition, swift and bold taans, and sargams with exhilarating swing.

Apart from performing at various musical concerts within India and abroad, Sandip also conducts music workshops, and has been effectively spreading his musical brilliance amongst his several students. He is also a visiting lecturer and examiner at University of Rabindra Bharati, Kolkata and an acclaimed artist at All India Radio.

Sandip is also the founder of musical institution, Dithi, aimed at showcasing young talents of Hindustani Classical Music. He also teaches music via interactive sessions at GyanVani, an educational FM radio station.