Dithi is an organization born primarily out of love and admiration of Hindustani Classical Music. The organization embodies a vision of celebrating the magnificence of this rich and ancient form of art by rediscovering its depth and reveling in its intricacies.

Dithi was founded by Sandip Ghosh in April 2007. The legendary sarodist Pandit Buddhadeb Dasgupta accompanied by famous tabla player Shri Debendra Kanti Chakraborty inaugurated Dithi’s journey with his recital.

Since inception, Dithi has organized several Hindustani Classical music performances primarily performed by several upcoming talented musicians. The promise of talent and good music is all that Dithi rests its hope upon. In its own humble ways, Dithi is committed to explore the possibilities that await Hindustani Classical music arena and looking beyond the apparent horizon.

Address: 1/251 Naktala, Kolkata 700047, India

GyanVani Kolkata – 105.4 FM

GyanVani is an educational FM radio station in several cities of India. The medium of broadcast is English, Hindi or language of the region. The first Gyanvani station was inaugurated by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, former minister of Human Resource Development, on Nov 7 2001 in the city of Allahabad. The programs are broadcast 8 hours a day including one hour of phone-in teleconferencing and ranges across music, agriculture, science and technology, health, etc. The programs are contributed by various leading institutions, government and non-government organizations, UN agencies and leading professionals. Since 2008, Sandip Ghosh has been teaching music via interactive sessions at GyanVani. Some of his students are present with him at the studios of GyanVani and their learning session is broadcast live. Apart from that, audiences can call in live with their questions about any part of the broadcast and clarify on air.