Shri Sukhendu Goswami (1911 – 1983)

Sukhendu Goswami

Sukehndu Goswami was born in Dhaka in 1911 and grew up in a musical family. His father was a famed Kirtan singer who influenced young Sukhendu at a very tender age. Aside from his passion for music, Shri Goswami pursued his academic career and earned an M.A. degree in History. He began his formal vocal training under the guidance of legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist Girija Shankar Chakraborty. In 1936, he started his singing career on Radio and subsequently released his first album with a mix of songs involving Bengali folk as well as Hindustani Classical. In 1943, Shri Goswami joined Gitabitan, a premier music institution founded by his guru Girija Shankar Chakraborty. Later, he took up the reins of the institute from his ailing guru. Shri Goswami was also at the helm of other musical institutions like Sangeet Bharati and a visiting professor at University of Rabindra Bharati (1965-1973). Apart from being a leading music teacher, scholar, and able administrator, Shri Goswami also performed at various prestigious venues across several parts of India.

Pandit A. Kanan (1922 – 2004)

A Kanan

Pandit A. Kanan was born on Jun 18, 1922, in Chennai and began his formal vocal training under the guidance of Shri Lahanu Babu Rao in Hyderabad. His employment at Indian Railways brought him to Kolkata where he resumed his vocal training under legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist Shri Girija Shankar Chakraborty. Pandit Kanan settled down in Kolkata and further trained under noted Hindustani Classical vocal exponent Ustad Amir Khan. He developed a unique singing style and especially his rendition of the ragas ‘Hamsadhwani’‘Rageshri’, and ‘Jog’, among others established him as a legend of Hindustani Classical music. Pandit Kanan was a top grade All India Radio artiste, and one of the most sought after in National music conferences. He also recorded songs for several award-winning Bengali films. In 1950, he along with other ace musicians founded Calcutta Music Circle. Later, he went to become one of the first Gurus of Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata. Pandit Kanan was felicitated with the prestigious ITC award and Sangeet Natak Academy award for his contribution to Hindustani Classical music.

Pandit K.G. Ginde (1925-1994)

K. G. Ginde

K.G. Ginde was born on December 26, 1925 in Bailhongal, Karnataka. At the tender age of 11, he became student of S N Ratanjankar, Principal of Marris College of Music, founded by famed Indian musicologist, Bhatkhande. Soon, Pandit Ginde moved into Ratanjarkar household at Lucknow and began his rigorous musical training at the famed Marris college, considered a pilgrimage of Hindustani Classical Music in those days. He started performing solo at a very young age on All India Radio as well as at several music festivals. In 1951, Pandit Ginde moved to Mumbai to take up a teaching post at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He later became principal of Vallabh Sangeet Vidyalaya. Gradually, Pandit Ginde transitioned to the role of a teacher and scholar devoting himself to the task of spreading the musical treasures he had inherited from his gurus, and from several musicians that he had come across over the years. He was felicitated with Sangeet Natak Academy Award, and Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar. In late eighties he became visiting Guru at Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata.